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Oxford Piano Festival Scholarship

United Kingdom, 2017

The Helen Roll Chairity Award 

United Kingdom, 2016

Deena Shypitka Music Award  

United Kingdom, 2015

Verbier Festival Piano Award by Tabor Foundation

Switzerland, 2015

Hattori Foundation Award 

United Kingdom, 2015

Craxton Memorial Trust 

United Kingdom, 2015

Tillett Trust Award 

United Kingdom, 2015

Mikhail Khubutia Scholarship

Russia, 2009 - 2014

Guzik Foundation Award 

USA, 2009

Moscow Neuhaus Festival Award 

Russia, 2008

Russian Performing Arts Scholarship 

Russia, 2007

Helena Roerich Scholarship

Russia, 2005 - 2015

Vladimir Spivakov Scholarship

Russia, 2000 - 2009

President of Georgia Award

Georgia 1998 - 2004 


3rd Prize 

Scottish International Piano Competition

September 2017, United Kingdom 

1st Prize 

Hannover Chopin International Piano Competition

March 2017, Germany

1st Prize 

Hong Kong International Piano Competition

October 2016, Hong Kong

1st Prize

Norah Sande Award 

July 2016, United Kingdom 

1st Prize

Morocco Philharmonic International Piano Competition

March 2016, Morocco

1st Prize

Valencia International Piano Competition "Iturbi Prize"

September 2015, Spain

3rd Prize 

Delia Steinberg International Competition

April 2015, Spain

1st Prize

Piano Campus International Competition

February 2015, France

1st Prize

RCM Chappell Medal

February 2015, United Kingdom 

1st Prize

Jaques Samuel Intercollegiate Piano Competition

October 2014, United Kingdom

1st Prize

Almaty International Piano Competition 

November 2011, Kazakhstan

4th Prize 

Vladimir Horowitz International Piano Competition

April 2010, Ukraine 

1st Prize 

Tbilisi Youth International Piano Competition 

April 2003, Georgia

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